Portable Hospital Grade Electric Breast Pumps


What is HOSPITAL GRADE breast pump?
A hospital-grade breast pump is designed for mothers with medical issues preventing them from properly breastfeeding their babies, or for mothers of babies with genetic issues in the NICU.

A hospital-grade breast pump has a stronger strength suction, special wavelength, and programming that allows mothers with certain medical necessities to produce the maximum amount of breast milk possible.

Hospital Grade Electric Breast Pump

Whether you are at home, work or traveling, Bistorey Hospital Grade Electric Breast pump is ideal for moms on the go. Offering a two-phase mode, 9 adjustable suction levels, a patented 3D Collection Kit, and silicone cushions designed to massage and stimulate breast for maximum milk let down, this high-quality breast pump provides unmatched efficiency and comfort. BPA free, Pain free as well.