Intelligent Temperature Display - Vacuum Insulated Thermos Bottle

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Never have to Guess the Temperature of your Drinks Again! 🤩😎


🌡LED TEMPERATURE DISPLAY: Accurately reads temperatures and is sensitive to a light touch. LEDs can be submerged in water without damage. Touch to display the temperature without charging. The smart chip senses the temperature and automatically turns off the screen display when not in use. There is no need to replace the battery.

80,000 touches without a battery change. That's 5+ years of usage!

Note: 1 Celsius equal 33.8 Fahrenheit (do not worry you will get acquainted with this temperature measurement when using it)

✅ PREMIUM QUALITY: Food grade 304 Stainless Steel material with electroplating processed anodized surface. No rust, no corrosion, durable.

BPA-free PP materials ,food grade contact silica gels and 100% Co-polyester plastic that make them Safe and Healthy to use.


☕ INCLUDES INFUSE FILTER: Comes with a stainless steel filter that allows you to put tea leaves, coffee, fruits, and herbs inside the mug.

💧 LEAK PROOF: Screw top rubber/silicone sealant design enhances its portability. Submerge underwater or bury without cross-contaminating or weathering the contents inside.

♨️ DOUBLE-WALL INSULATED: Vacuum sealed double wall insulated water bottle, dipped in copper to prevent the mug from being too hot or condensing. Also great for concealing scents. Your  liquid will stay hot throughout the day.

The inner and outer layers are made of stainless steel, using advanced vacuum insulation technology to keep hot drinks for more than 24 hours, and cold drinks for 12 hours.
NOTE: If you are loading tea, milk, coffee or other beverages in a vacuum bottle, please do not drink it the next day. For your health, it is recommended that you drink on the same day. And need to clean in time after drinking.
Please use warm water or cold water to clean the outside of the thermos cup. Use a sponge brush with a handle to clean the inside and immediately dry it with a dry cloth. Regular cleaning can prevent odors.
Thermos Volume:
Package Included:
1x Intelligent Temperature Display Vacuum Insulated Thermos Bottle